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Advance Barcelona Tickets

In high season or if you have little time in Barcelona, booking your tickets in advance, will be a real benefit. Tourist attractions are often overcrowded, especially during peak season. Although many sites always leave some tickets for same-day on-site sales, many others sell out days in advance to go up to a monument or visit attractions. If you’re traveling during peak season and have a certain activity in mind, reserve your tickets ahead of time.

Making online reservations for museums or amusement parks, for example, allows us to find deals or compare ticket costs on different days of the week on many occasions. You can examine the prices of all your options and schedules by conducting a search on a website. Perhaps tickets are free on Sundays and Saturdays, or perhaps going early in the morning is less expensive than going later in the day. If this is the case, you will avoid making the mistake of going on a bad or inconvenient day by purchasing your tickets ahead of time.

Your time is crucial. Buying tickets in advance will save you time because you can avoid waiting lines. If you’re short on time and don’t want to waste it seeking sales booths or standing in lines to purchase tickets, buying tickets online is always the best alternative.

How to get around Barcelona? With the Barcelona City Pass!

The Barcelona City Pass is a low-cost all-inclusive sightseeing package for an exciting city trip in Barcelona’s dynamic multicultural city. The Barcelona City Pass, which is available for 2, 3, 4, and 5 days, is the perfect addition to a fantastic holiday, providing free admission to the city’s most famous attractions, a free bus tour, and unlimited public transportation. In other words, you can visit multiple popular attractions for free with the Barcelona City Pass, which saves you over €118.50 in ticket costs because entry charges are already included in the pass. The Barcelona City Pass includes a comprehensive list of attractions. Save money on public transportation as well (daily ticket 8,60€) with your Barcelona City Pass.

Choose from a 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, or 5-day Barcelona City Pass! Children, teenagers, and adults can purchase the Barcelona City Pass. It already includes all pre-sale and service expenses, as well as free admissions, discounts, and public transportation. City Passes will save you money, and therefor always a good idea!

Barcelona Airport Transfers

If you arrive at Barcelona Airport, you will very certainly need to travel to the city center, either to move to your lodging, as a stopover on your way someplace else, or as your final vacation destination. It is pretty easy to go from Barcelona Airport to the city center.

Aerobus is the quickest public transit option for getting to Barcelona’s city center. T1 and T2 are connected to Plaça de Catalunya by two lines.

The most convenient way to get from Barcelona Airport is by taxi. The approximate fare to Barcelona’s downtown is €25.00-30.00.

Another excellent alternative is to take the train. You can take the R2 Nord train line directly from Barcelona Airport to the city center.

Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tours Barcelona

Do you wish to see Barcelona while riding in the comfort of a bus? There are several options when you are looking for a hop on hop off service in Barcelona. They all take you to the city’s most famous landmarks. You can choose among  several routes that will take you through different areas of the city. Simply get on and off wherever you want, as many times as you want. Enjoy an audio guide in 16 languages, free Wi-Fi, a city map, and tourist information along the journey. In conclusion, skip the hassle and get most out of your city trip with pre-booked Barcelona bus tour tickets!