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New York Advance Tickets

In high season or if you have little time in New York, booking your (citypass-) tickets in advance, will be a real benefit. Tourist attractions are often overcrowded, especially during peak season. Although many sites always leave some tickets for same-day on-site sales, many others sell out days in advance to go up to a monument or visit attractions. If you’re traveling during peak season and have a certain activity in mind, reserve your tickets ahead of time.

Making online reservations for museums or amusement parks, for example, allows us to find deals or compare ticket costs on different days of the week on many occasions. You can examine the prices of all your options and schedules by conducting a search on a website. Perhaps tickets are free on Sundays and Saturdays, or perhaps going early in the morning is less expensive than going later in the day. If this is the case, you will avoid making the mistake of going on a bad or inconvenient day by purchasing your tickets ahead of time.

Your time is crucial. Buying tickets in advance will save you time because you can avoid waiting lines. If you’re short on time and don’t want to waste it seeking sales booths or standing in lines to purchase tickets, buying skip-the-line tickets online is always the best alternative.

New York City Passes

You can acquire a variety of New York discount passes before to your trip. The New York CityPASS, New York Pass, and New York Explorer Pass are the most popular passes. We’ll explain the differences between the New York CityPASS and the New York Pass on this page. Both cards provide discounted admission to popular sites. But which option is the best?

It’s a good idea to consider how many days you have in New York and how many of those days you want to spend visiting sites (and not, for example, cycling in Central Park). That is, in the end, what determines which pass is best for you. The New York CityPASS is simple to use and is good for nine days after the first use. The New York Pass, on the other hand, can be purchased for one, two, three, four, five, seven, or ten calendar days. For both passes, you do not have to pay anything extra at the sights. You only buy the pass, that’s enough.

New York Airport Transfers

Book your transfer to and from New York before departure. We recommend reading the information carefully, because which transfer is the best option for you depends on two things: which airport you are flying to and which district you are staying in. There are three airports in New York: JFK, EWR and LGA. Whichever airport you fly to, there is always an option to book a transfer to your accommodation. Whether it is better to take a taxi or go by public transport depends on the airport. In New York, good transport is necessary to travel easily from A to B. Because the distances are often large, there is a multitude of other transport options in addition to walking. For example, the metro network is very reliable, just like the many taxis. Both forms of transport are relatively cheap compared to the Netherlands; for $2.75, you can travel all over New York, all the way to Coney Island.

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